Tailor-made solutions for your 

business to grow

Has your enterprise already occupied the Chinese market? Are you eager to enter the Chinese market? VIP Chinese has a variety of course tools to help your enterprise evaluate and improve the Chinese level of employees. In today's increasingly competitive Chinese market economy environment, this will become the key to success. In VIP Chinese, we will train your staff with high quality teaching level to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in China.

Corporate solutions

In an increasingly integrated global economy, the Chinese market is becoming more and more important for most industries and companies of all sizes, and proficiency in Chinese has become crucial. VIP Chinese strategic training solution will improve your company's competitiveness and enhance your competitiveness in the Chinese market.


International talent evaluation and selection

We assist companies in setting appropriate Chinese proficiency requirements for various positions, as well as offering third party proficiency reports to help select the right person for overseas assignments, or to create databases of candidates suitable for future needs.


Chinese language training

VIP Chinese provides a wide range of corporate Chinese training options, online and in our centers. Courses can be customized to suit your industry or to the meet the specific needs of an employee or executive.


The Chinese Perspective for international enterprises

For companies and enterprises in the early stage of coming to China, VIP Chinese will provide Chinese training for employees to prepare them for the business environment and cross-cultural experience in the Chinese market in advance.

Corporate soft skill development

We offer special courses and training to help senior executives and employees develop soft skills, such as Chinese expression and negotiation skills, as well as Chinese thinking and Chinese social etiquett